A Shameshan Mani Maran musical, entitled Rudra Vs Parama has definitely wowed us!

As we acknowledge his legacy and contribution to the local music scene, Yogi B is by far the most significant pop and rap star in the region and his music is revered.

He has never once failed in impressing us with his music ingenuity and authenticity present in his song lyrics. To date, we vividly recall and rap along to his rap solos while he was part of the once chart toppers, Poetic Ammo before they disbanded. 


The tune is adorned with a host of musical embellishments amid this simplicity, as can be seen in any other R&B album. To supplement the unwavering beat, modulated vocal samples are interwoven with a brief guitar riff. In a way, Yogi B, Yunohoo, and Pavithra Nair’s voices cause the laid-back musical material to attain a degree of salience in the track.

The lyrics were penned by Yuwaji, Yogi B, and Yunohoo. Not to forget the backup vocals by JC Joe, and Baiju adding a pinch of powerful lyrics to the song.

Watch the full lyrical video here: