On this episode (20.3) of Enga Veetu Mapillai, Arya has his best ‘couple’ friends, Kiki and Shanthnu on the show.

According to Arya, Kiki and Shanthnu are the most lovey-dovey couple he’s ever known, and he is curious to see which girl will they find most suitable for him.

Kiki and Shanthnu seemed to like most of the girls; they thought Agatha is really sweet and innocent, Sita Lakshmi is very romantic, Saathvika is very matured and practical. Abarnarthy naturally didn’t quite impress them due to her harsh tone and choice of words. Susanna was grilled on her divorce and her son – and how Arya would handle the whole situation with her family.

   Eventually, the girl that impressed them the most was Swetha – whom both Kiki and Shanthnu thought was very sweet yet matured for Arya. Shweta given the token of love, which means she is safe from the next elimination.

As the result of winning the challenge, Swetha got to join area on a double date with Kiki and Shanthnu. The two shared a dessert and spent the evening getting to know each other better.