Three girls; Abarnathy, Kuhashini, and Agatha each won a special date with Arya on this episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai.

Abarnathy won the date after Arya correctly guessed her voice during a challenge where he couldn’t see the girls – he had to guess who they were from just listening to their voice.

During the date, Abarnathy tried her best to be a more matured version of herself, but it didn’t last very long. She went back to asking questions like “How much do you like me”, “Can I have a kiss,” and “I want to sit on your lap,”. 

Arya was not too comfortable with those requests. While he’d usually give in, he stood his ground this time and said “no” to her every requests.

“You shouldn’t be asking for hugs and kisses. I will do it when I feel like it,” Arya told Abarnathy. To which she replied, “Why don’t you feel it?” Arya then told her that she needs to be more loving and romantic if she wanted him to feel those things. It’s not going to come from pushing or threatening him.

“At this point, I don’t care if I hurt her. I think she has to learn. You cannot be so pushy with someone,” Arya said.

However, Abarnathy being Abarnathy kept on insisting that she wanted to sit on his lap, and that forced Arya to bring the date to an end and he escorted her back to Sangeetha.