On today’s episode of Enga Veetu Veetu Mapillai, it is Swetha and her family’s turn to welcome their Prince Charming, Arya.

After visiting Abernathy’s family, Arya made his way to Manapparai, a small town in the Tiruchirappalli district in the state of Tamil Nadu. Manapparai is the place that Swetha calls home.

In the absence of her dad, Swetha’s mother, grandparents, and friends took on the task of welcoming Arya into the family. Arya immediately clicked with everyone and seemed to be at ease.

“He’s very humble and down to earth. He talked to everybody and was very friendly. I really didn’t expect him to be like this,” Swetha’s mom confessed.

Arya also spent some alone time with Swetha’s mom, and they talked about what Swetha was like as a child, how she makes everyone at home happy with her bubbly presence, and how much they’ve missed her since she went away. They clicked really well.

Swetha’s grandmother – who was unwell – also had a little talk with Arya, and she got quite emotional talking about how much she loved her granddaughter. Arya, however, connected with her really well and said he really enjoyed their conversation.

“They’re such a loving family,” Arya said. “Everyone is so attached to each other. I know that Swetha’s grandparents are very close together, since they practically raised her. They all love her so much and want the best for her,”

“I feel like I was visiting a friend’s place, everyone is chill and fun,” he added.