On the latest episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai, Arya was seen in Manapparai, a small town in the Tiruchirappalli that Swetha calls home.

Swetha’s big group of family and friends welcomed Arya into the family. Arya spent some quality time bonding with Swetha’s family members; especially her mother, grandmother, and grandfather – and he clicked really well with all of them. They felt really comfortable around him too.

After that, Swetha invited Arya to meet her friends – a decision she quickly regretted.

Swetha’s friends took turns to reveal every embarrassing story they had about her. One of her friend teased that Swetha was really tall because she kept making her friends buy pizza for her. Another told Arya that she would knock on their door at two in the morning and ask them if they want to go for coffee.

They also noted that Swetha is a lot braver than she looked. If anyone looked at her or checked her out in a shopping mall, Swetha would go up to them and try to intimidate them.

One of Swetha’s friend also jokingly said he felt for Arya that he ended up with a girl like Swetha.


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