Makeup artist and also founder of Apsara Asia Malaysia, Kannan Raajamanickam again amazed fans with his makeup skills by recreating the late legendary actress Jayalalithaa using a model. He took to his social media account and posted the look. Kannan also stated that “It’s a small tribute to the great icon of India!” in his post.

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Bravery, courageous, generous, intelligence and elegance! These words can best describe the Iron Lady of Tamilnadu! In fact, she is a pride to womanhood and she had instilled a plenty of good deeds to the society which still stands and speak about her golden period of ruling! It’s none other than Selvi J Jayalalitha(amma)! While it is inevitable that she is unparalleled and there can never be another Amma, it’s just a re-creation of her look to bring in back her memories! It’s a small tribute to the great icon of India! In the line of many Indian actresses playing her biopic such as RamyaKrishnan, KanganaRanawat, we have tried to glorify her with this small re-creation look! I hope I didn’t disappoint you with the first re-creation look of Amma! As much as I am happy to post the first look pictures, I am also kind of anxious and desperate to know all your feedback! Hope you’ll like this re-creation! Let’s reminisce the intelligent queen!!! Looking forward to your invaluable feedback! Thanks!!! @kannanraajamanickam #makeover @annustailoring #outfit @m.a.n.g.a.i @megalagoldcovering #jewelry #assistant @geehan_makeup @thulasi_makeup @subalakshana @ranjani_kamarusamy @siddhartkumaar #amma #jeyalalitha

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He specialises in helping ordinary people appear like renowned Indian actresses. Kannan created a storm by turning model Vishasree into Nayanthara in half an hour.

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Hello friends, Hope you’d have enjoyed the recent Nayanthara’s lookalike makeover which was exclusively premiered by IndiaGlitz channel yesterday! The credits all yours and yours only! Without your support and encouragement right from the starting of this series ‘Styles of Kollywood Queen’, this reach would have not been possible! Thank you so much! And I believe those who are makeup artists or makeup aspirants were able to learn the techniques such as contouring, products usages for the makeover look from the video! But friends, believe me, you can all do way better than me, it’s just a base for you! Let’s all keep learning new things and update ourselves! MAKEOVER @kannanraajamanickam SAREE @dearlakshmi BLOUSE @annustailoring MODEL @vishasreeofficial ASSISTANT @subalakshana @siddhartkumaar @ranjini_kamarusamy For more information please contact 📞+601133336674

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Apart from that, Kannan has used Malaysian artist, Moonilaa as his model to recreate Nayanthara’s Kashmora look.

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Here we go the first look of The Lady Superstar Nayanthara’s re-creation under the series “Styles of Kollywood Queens”! It was quite different experience for me to try out her look! Yes, I have done many makeup inspired from her movie characters! However, this time I have tried to re-create her look aesthetically! Right from her eyebrows, nose and cheeks, I tried to make it a perfect look with intricate contouring! Hope you’ll all like this first look of Nayanthara and I’d like to have your honest reviews and leave your feedback in the comment section!!! I am so excited and looking forward to all your feedbacks MAKEOVER @kannanraajamanickam MODEL @gaya3_gayu PHOTOGRAPHY @saransphotography BLOUSE @annustailoring SAREE @chennai_silk_palace ASSISTANT @siddhartkumaar @mskselvamery

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Kannan had also recreated Aishwarya Rai and Shriya Sharan’s look previously.

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My dear friends, Here’s the final look of the actress Shreya in the series “Styles of Kollywood Queens”! Hope you all enjoyed her re-creational look in the first part of the series! And your positive and genuine feedback and appreciations have made it possible! Thanks for all your love and support! As there are a lot of messages, I couldn’t reply to you promptly! Kindly bear with me for the delay, but surely I’ll reply to each of your message very soon! Also, tell us friends, which look of Shreya’s you liked the most and which Kollywood actress who want to see next in the series!!! Thanks again!!! MAKEOVER @kannanraajamanickam MODEL @krkarishma SAREE @chennai_silk_palace BLOUSE @annustailoring ASSISTANT @ranjani @mskselvamery @siddhar

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The wait is over!!! After your overwhelming response for the Shreya’s movie look, here’s the second look of the series ‘Styles of Kollywood Queens’! In today’s look, I tried to re-create one of Actress Shreya’s classical photoshoot looks!!! I heard you friends and per your suggestions, I’ve made some feature corrections to the model today befitting the actress’s appearance from the photoshoot! Hope you’d enjoy this second look! As always, I’ve still got space for improvement, so please leave a feedback in the comments!!! And guess what’s next down the line in Shreya’s Re-Creation look!!! MAKEOVER @kannanraajamanickam MODEL @keerthanaah_ BLOUSE @annustailoring SAREE @chennai_silk_palace Assistant @siddhartkumaar @ranjani_kamarusamy

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The make-up artist has come a long way through sheer hard work, determination, talent and preservation. But are you aware of the blood, sweat and tears he had to endure in order to make it in the competitive professional make-up industry? How did he develop his interest in make-up? Team Varnam has come up with a feature detailing Kannan’s life story based on his previous interview in B Frank Say It Out With Punitha Raja.

Kannan, in his very own words said that he was good in drawing since a child. Initially, he worked as a cultural officer (Pegawai Kebudayaan) for about 6 years. His task was to punch in, change clothes and conduct rehearsals for the talents.

A turning point In his Life came when he could’t make it to work for being on Medical Leave (MC).

His higher officer told him not to return to work nor attend the show. Kannan was frustrated as he had bills to pay and needed to support his family. He was clueless about his next step at the same time equally pissed with what the officer had done. This did not depress him further but led him to register a business under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

He was left with no choice and refused to depend on anyone. To make matters worse, his father was a heart patient and his mother had to work to support the family. The only skill that he possessed at that time was make-up. Miracles do happen, not long after he registered his business, a childhood friend approached him and requested him to do a makeover for her wedding.

He hesitated at first and was scared that he might spoil her big day. However, Julie gave him the confidence to make use of his skill. From then on, the opportunities for him were endless.

During the interview, Kannan said he faced a lot of failures.

When Punitha asked him, how did you purchase your makeup products with limited funds at the beginning of his career, the young budding make-up artist said it was his personal savings that helped him pull through those tough times and launch his career as a make-up artist. He used whatever savings he had to buy makeup products. His investment was worth it.

It was a challenging situation for him and he thanked some of the Malaysian artists such as Datin Shaila Nair, Sushmeetha, Shamini, Ratna Gowri, Shubashree, Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Vinokree, Nazirah, Dharshaini and many more for helping him kick-off his enterprise.

Kannan was also honoured at The Business World International Organization BWIO USA award for Icon of Malaysia. Despite all the hardships he faced, he had an unnerving zest for success. We truly believe that he deserves this award!

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Kannan also conducts make-up classes in Sri Lanka and India. He believes that one’s skills and knowledge must be shared, not kept to oneself. As the saying goes, ‘what you give you get back’ while building a legacy in the process.

Kannan is the talk of the town as actress Trisha prepares for an award show in Malaysia. Malaysia is the major location for a variety of Tamil shows. This contributed to a variety of openings for Kannan. Today, Kannan has portrayed almost all leading stars of Indian cinema.

Team Varnam extends its best wishes to Kannan Raajamanickam! You’re simply the best!

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