A new single, Solladi (Cholladi) by an upcoming musician, Titus Thana Raj, has been presented by Plastic Entertainment. Solladi is a lovely, romantic single that’s also out on Spotify.


This is his forth single, while Kaadhal being his first. Solladi was recently launched on the PU4LYF YouTube channel, so head over to their channel to get the best of this track.

This song is composed, written and sung by Titus Thana Raj himself. Whereas, the illustrations in the lyrical video is created by a digital artist, Amy.

It is such a bliss to see how talent and creativity has evolved over time.

Nowadays the current generation have been displaying their multiple talents, and so much appreciation, love and support should be given to their work.

Listen to this endearing lyrical video of Solladi (Cholladi) here: