Are you an art lover? Then you NEED to visit this exhibition in Kuala Lumpur!

XX is an exhibition under the curation of Stephen Menon for his Art Voice Collective.

The exhibition features 16 artistes. They are are Syed Thajudeen, Amron Omar, Suzlee Ibrahim, Juhari Said, Sharmiza Abu Hassan, Stephen Menon, Soraya Yusof Talismail, Rizhar, Liu Cheng Hua, Marisa Ng, Kelvin Chap, Mary Ann, Jessica Coup and Hazrul Bakar.


In addition to that, Visithra Manikam and Vasanthi Naidu will be exhibiting at XX.

Visithra Manikam@visithra

Visithra Manikam is a self-taught emerging Malaysian female painter and photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her art is mostly influenced by Indian art styles which has a social message and brings forth issues. Besides taking part in numerous exhibitions in Malaysia, she has also worked in Philippines, India and Indonesia.

Vasanthi Naidu 

Vasanthi is an artist who believes in self reflection. Most of her paintings are manifestations of experiences that have touched her heart. In 2006, she donated part of the profits from the sale of her paintings to the Pure Life Society.

XX will take place at KL City Art Gallery, Wisma YPR, Seputeh from the 7th March until 7th April 2020 from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm daily. Admission is free.