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Nasi Kandar has always been the go and comfort food for many Malaysians, for its hearty portion of meal consisting of rice, flavour filled curries and sides of our choice!

Venturing into their own Nasi Kandar food stall, Malaysian couple Joel Singam and Alexandra Kumaran have become the talk of the town after their Nasi Kandar stall in New Zealand became a hit.

Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Crusading pass the pandemic after being retrenched from his full time job, as a one-time chef and top car salesman for Australian carmaker Holden, time had been very still and stagnant till when his wife popped the question into this flavoursome business idea.

That was the 360 revolution for Joe and his wife, the former Italian cuisine specialised chef put his old expertise to work on the wok.

This time he had to rekindle with the flavours and spices of his motherland, Malaysia bedazzling the Kiwis’ with one of our best dishes!

To his splendid surprise Joe’s Nasi Kandar sold like hot cakes in no time after it became an instant indulgence and Home Favourite amongst fellow Malaysians living in new zealand.

Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Joe’s famous Nasi Kandar further got hold of the other taste buds from various Kiwis ethnicities such as Maoris and Pacific Islanders in New Zealand remarking a renowned name for Joe’s Nasi Kandar by earning a spot in the country’s local newspaper!

Malaysian dishes never fail to tempt folks from all across the world for its mouth watering flavours, favoured by many!

Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Joe expresses that his ambrosial behind his delectable venture would have never been possible without his constant pillar of support of his wife, Alexandra. She has been his eminent limelight shining him with inspiration and hope, feeding him spoon full of hopes igniting his first passion, cooking, making it a huge success!

She is my inspiration. She reminded me of all the Malaysian curry recipes I have, and told me I could become the Malaysian Sergio in Auckland, referring to Italian chef Sergio Maglione.

The Malaysian born chef is now keen on developing his food stall into a commercial kitchen and to later begin to sell bottles of sauces. At present moment, the food is prepared at his home. In full faith, he anticipates the opening of his very own Nasi Kandar eatery under a catchy one, Kandar By Joe!

We are too truly excited for this exciting venture! Good luck and Best Wishes Joe!

Feature Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)