In case you guys haven’t noticed, there has been no new Tamil movie release since the 1st of March 2018.

The Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TPFC) decided to go an indefinite strike to protest against two digital broadcasters in Tamil Nadu. These digital broadcasters are charging a hefty sum of money to convert films into digital mode before being released in theatres.

Going into April now, it doesn’t look like the situation has improved that much – we’re still not getting any new Tamil movies until all of TPFC’s demands are met.

According to TPFC President Vishal, the strike will continue. “This (strike) will continue until our demands are met. Producers are also like farmers today — a third party is minting money. VPF is just one of our demands,” said Vishal.

Chitramala reported that some of the demands by TPFC are the “call for digital service providers to stop charging VPF, the implementation of flexible ticket pricing, and a reduction of online booking charges, and the regulation of production costs by a body called the Tamil Nadu Film Development Corporation.” 

“We think the entire industry is going in the right direction. Theater owners and distributors are slowly understanding our situation. We are expecting a final solution very soon,” he added.

Watch Vishal’s full speech here:

Video: India Glitz