Only nine days to go before Denes Kumar starrer Vedigundu Pasangge hits cinemas worldwide.

Produced by Veedu Production, Vedigundu Pasangge revolves around the issue of snatch theft that is rife in the country. It also touches on robbery and other illegal acts plaguing young Malaysian Indians and talks about how family influences are crucial in shaping young minds.

One of the biggest selling point of Vedigundu Pasangge is its music director, the renowned Vivek-Mervin duo. Vivek-Mervin are best known for the work in hit movies like Gulaebaghavali and Dora. Vivek and Mervin composed a total of 3 songs for Vedigundu Pasangge, “Vaada Vilaiyadu”, “Love Mood”, and “Vizhiye Kalangathey”.

The song “Love Mood” was voiced by Mervin himself, along with our very own Datin Sri Shaila Nair.

Source: Boggler Blogger

“It felt so amazing to watch the song on screen,” Datin Shaila said after the premiere screening of Vedigundu Pasangge“We don’t always get this chance to collaborate with a renowned musician from India. It was an exciting experience, and it felt so good to see the final result,” she added.

Are you excited to watch the song on the big screen too? Vedigundu Pasangge will hit cinemas on the 26th of July.


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