After two successful prequels, Vedigundu Pasangge is all geared up to hit the cinemas on the 26th of July.

Vedigundu Pasangge centers around snatch-theft and other social problems that are plaguing the Indian community in Malaysia. The movie stars Denes Kumar in the leading role, along with Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Kuben Mahadevan, Alvin, Seelan, Magen Vikadakavi, and more.

Produced by Veedu Production, the movie is also a Vivek-Mervin musical. Vivek-Mervin are the powerful, most sought-after duo who are responsible for hit songs in movies like Gulaebaghavali, Vadacurry, and more.

Aside from hitting 52 screens nationwide, the Vedigundu Pasangge will also be released in other countries like Singapore, India, and the United Kingdom. In fact, the movie has secured a total of 5 screens in UK, which is a new benchmark for Malaysian-made Tamil films!

Check out the list of UK screens here:

Here are the complete list of cinemas for Malaysian screens:

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