#ThalaAjith is once again trending on social media and this time it is for a whole new achievement. In between filming blockbuster movies and driving at top speed on race tracks, Ajith has some how found the time to mentor Team Dhaksha of MIT Campus, Anna University to build a drone taxi!

Ajith working with his team members
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The prototype of Drone Taxi on display

Ajith was appointed as the Helicopter Test Pilot and UAV system advisor for the team in May 2018. The prototype for the Drone Taxi was on display recently at the Tamilnadu Global Investors Meet 2019 and have received over 1,500 enquiries from potential investors worldwide.

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Ajith Kumar and Team Daksha

The Drone Taxi is able to carry up to 90 kilograms as far as 30 kilometres and fly for 45 minutes. As it’s name suggests, the Drone Taxi is to be a mode of transportation in the highly populated Chennai and aims to reduce traffic congestion. The Drone Taxi has a single seat and 2 doors and is able to fly at an altitude of 300m. It has a special sensor that avoids trees and wires during take-off and landing.

Team Dhaksha also won the second prize in final rounds of ‘UAV Challenge Medical Express 2018′ held in Australia for the Drone Taxi.

Source: News Today