It looks like Malaysians can count on these young kiddos to make the nation proud!

Our young minds have been making headlines around the world for their ingenuity and brilliant inventions, and most of them are none other than our Tamil school students.

Yet, an amazing accomplishment came from SJK (T) Ladang Elaeis, a rural school in Kluang, Johor, with just 25 students and 8 teachers have emerged as winners of the Frog Championship: Arkedia by receiving the highest leader points among the rest of primary schools nationwide.

Source: Makkal Oosai

The trio, which is made up of 12-year-old Tarani Jahatisan, 11-year-old Peramalesh Murugaya, and 9-year-old Harini Sarawanan were declared as champions in the 1st round of the competition. 

However, the trio were not the only ones who managed to clinch the 1st prize but Suresh Maraiah successfully took the 3rd place spot in the 2nd round of the competition. 

This year the Tamil school had overtaken two other schools from the United Kingdom, the Frederick Gough School and Yardleys School, which came in second and third respectively. The championship saw over 3,000 schools and completed more than 18 million quiz questions across 13 countries. Inspired by the novel Around the World in 80 Days, the journey started in the United Kingdom and ended in Malaysia, with pit stops along the way.

The incentive was granted to students and teachers to discover and communicate with other countries across the world on how they use the Frog forum.

The Frog World Championship is an annual international competition that has drawn interest from over 7,000 schools in 15 countries worldwide since 2018. FrogAsia has arranged the Frog Championship: Arkedia from 3rd August to 30th September 2020. It is a monthly competition and Round 1 began from 3rd August to 31st August 2020 and Round 2 was going on from 1st September to 30th September 2020.

The students were required to answer as many FrogPlay quizzes as possible and engage in FrogPlay Live intra-school as well as inter-school sessions, while teachers will need to teach and host FrogPlay Live sessions. At the end of the competition, all the national schools and teachers can excitedly look forward to over RM70,000 worth of cash prizes, book vouchers and certificates.

Congratulations kiddos on your massive achievements! Let’s celebrate the existence of these little geniuses, and give them the recognition they deserve!

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