R. Kartiga, who worked as a nurse at Kampar hospital was found dead along with her two children after she set fire to their rented room. The two kids have been identified as 6-year-old S. Harrshikka and 12-year-old S. Shaarhveesh.

The 35-year-old mother who has been living separately from her husband for the past 6 years is reported to be suffering from depression due to family and marital issues.

Source: Berita Harian

Perak Zone 1 Fire and Rescue Chief Nor Rasidamayati told Bernamaafter receiving the call from an unknown passerby, twelve firemen from the Kampar Fire and Rescue Station were precipitated to the spot. Within three minutes, the fire was extinguished and the severely burnt bodies were found on the bed.

Kampar District Police Chief, Supt Hasron Nazri Hisham said a gas cylinder had been discovered behind the wardrobe.

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