Manin Mainthan Malaysia

Great talent should always be rewarded and encouraged to grow and glow brightly. Likewise, there’s a recent post by Mannin Mainthan Malaysia (MMM) showcasing a kid of exceptional talent.

Ruman Sri Manimaran is a 13-year-old boy renowned for his artistic work. What makes him peculiar is that he uses recycled things to make his world of imagination a reality.

In a video published by MMM, this boy built a Titanic Ship with recycled materials. Isn’t that pretty cool? This boy has added so much depth to his artwork, making it so distinctive.


It’s really intriguing to see how a young Pre-teen like him is capable of making such a stunning piece of art. Indeed, he has a promising future ahead of him.

With the right guidance, consistent hard work and support will be the key to his potential growth. So let’s be his support and motivation to boost him in sharpening his talent and creating mind blowing inventions.

Manin Mainthan Malaysia

Remember, investing in the talents of tomorrow is always important. Well done, Ruman Sri and we from Varnam wish you all the best on your future endeavours and ventures.

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