WATCH: Kaala’s First Single ‘Semma Weightu’ Is Here – What Do You Think?


The highly anticipated first single from Kaala, ‘Semma Weightu’, has officially hit the airwaves.

‘Semma Weightu’ is co-written by Arunraja Kamaraj, the same guy who sang Neruppuda in Kabali. Music composer Santosh Narayanan also previously worked on Kabali and you can almost immediately notice some similarities in sound there.

The song is powered by the vocals of Hariharasudhan and Santosh Narayanan.

But how do we like the song? So far, the internet has been giving mixed reactions about much awaited Kaala single.

At the time of writing, ‘Semma Weightu’ has garnered over 950,000 views on YouTube. What do you think of the song?