Did you know that while you’re happily indulging on your favourite ice-cream treat, you can also at the same time help out for a good cause, this time contributing to the underprivileged child.


Vithya Visvendra and Crème De La Crème have collaborated and invented a special ice-cream flavour called Viramisu, for a meaningful cause. All proceeds made from the sale of this month’s Viramisu (November) will be donated to the Development of Human Resources of Rural Areas Malaysia (DHRRAMALAYSIA).

DHRRAMALAYSIA are a non-profit organisation thaT supports disadvantaged people; working with individuals, families, working with groups of people; addressing poverty problems, homelessness, skills training, psychological therapy, and improving education.

The proceeds from Viramisu will provide accessibility and online education for children from underprivileged families who can’t afford or have zero access to online classes when schools are closed during this pandemic.

Education is the backbone of our children today, and it is indeed heartening to hear that Vithya Visvendra and Crème De La Crème have initiated this great effort.

You get to reward yourself with a flavourful ice cream at the same time you give back to those kids.  

If you are considering to be part of this meaningful charity, please do order yourself a Viramisu at Crème De La Crème and share your ice-cream on social media with the  hashtag #viramisugivesback.

Together we can bring a whole lot of difference to the kids. Hellen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”