The casts from Tamiletchumy Season 1 have delightedly announced their “comeback”  for its Season 2 on their respective social media handles recently.

We at Varnam were very excited to gain more insights into the women’s centric Tamil drama.

Hence, we sat down for a chit-chat session with its production company Veedu Production in hopes to get some itsy-bitsy insights on its much anticipated new season.


Varnam: How was Tamiletchumy’s popular Season 1 response?

Veedu Production: Tamiletchumy Season 1 received a tremendous response from the audience. As it was the production company’s first-ever drama series project, the team did not anticipate such huge support from the audience for a local Tamil series. Tamiletchumy opening season triumphed as having the highest number of viewers in the Malaysian Tamil local series production after a long run. 

Varnam: Will Tamiletchumy Season 2 feature new faces?

Veedu Production: Certainly the second season will feature new faces, as we introduce new characters to upkeep the story revolving the three lead roles. Each new character will significantly carry an important role in moulding the story to its series finale. Our production house often expands our search in bringing new talents and faces to the screen for all upcoming projects as does Tamiletchumy Season 2.

Varnam: When will the production process begin for Tamiletchumy Season 2?

Veedu Production: Tamiletchumy Season 2 was scheduled to shoot in mid-January 2021. However, with the increase of Covid-19 cases, the lockdown has forced us to push our shoot schedule to a later date. In hopes that the whole pandemic situation gets under control again, we aim to commence our shoot immediately after the lockdown is lifted.

Varnam: What’s new in this season, and what can the audience expect?

Veedu Production: Everything remains but with added drama and suspense. Season 2 brings double the excitement and tension as the story unravels each plot twist that was cooked up in the first season whilst entertaining and enlightening the audience on the struggles of communal families dealing with happy moments and troubles of their daily lives.

Audiences can anticipate a roller coaster ride of emotions that will keep them at the edge of their seats awaiting the ultimate expose.

Varnam: Will Tamiletchumy Season 2 be a continuation of the previous season?

Veedu Production: Absolutely. Tamiletchumy Season 2 is a continuation from the first season starting season 2 with a 1-month time-lapse. Because the first season left the audience with a cliffhanger, the second season is aimed to give them the closure that they were expecting.

Since the first season with a total of 27 episodes, brought much thrill to the audience, completing it short was displeasing for them too. Hence, for the second season, we have packed a complete 52 episodes in hopes of giving the audience a satisfactory finale.

Varnam: When can the audience expect Tamiletchumy Season 2 to be aired? 

Veedu Production: Tamiletchumy Season 2 is tentatively set to release in quarter 2 or 3 of 2021, hoping that the current situation accommodates our production schedule period throughout without further hindrance. 

On that note, we can see that Tamiletchumy Season 2 is expected to hit our home screens in 2021. Many viewers expressed their anticipation for Season 2 in the cast comments section, and so are we!