Music is a field that possess millions of undiscovered bejewels of melodies for talents and artists to submerge themselves in, to rejoice and bring them to life. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many artists have splurged themselves into the benefits of technology using it to birth their musical creations.

SHESHA is a blooming artist in our country’s music industry, whom unleashed himself as a immensely skilled rapper, singer, songwriter & record producer who has collaborated with multiple Malaysian & international musicians & artists on numerous independent musical films.


Sha Zovve or now known as SHESHA has left his imaginations connecting to his inner feelings and created renditions unveiling copious feelings and motions through his soul-filled songs.

In anticipation to release his recent album “BINTANG”, he has exclusively presented amazing deets on his current album.

The ideology behind BINTANG was to spark hope and spread positivity in the hearts of its listeners. Hence, the reason behind the album’s name is for it to shine metaphorically in each of their hearts!

BINTANG actually consists of three special tracks with a variation of tuneful tracks on self-realisation (BINTANG), a smooth love track (RAQQI) and a rocky track (SAMBA SWAG).

This album is a fusion of Hip Hop and Electronic Music with a mix of languages, especially Tamil, English & Malay, in a Malaysian urban style.

BINTANG is a tuneful track with Balan Kashmir (featured in Hey & Rum’s Hola Amigo’s R.Madhesh Mohini song). The song is preposterously written about the inevitable unexpected twists and turns of our everyday lives. This track comes with a superb exciting music video.

Next is Raqqi, a song filled on the notion of love and affection, defined in Arabic as elegant. This song expresses a man’s feelings towards a woman, who both exist in tandem with their own species. This masterpiece is also narrated with a beautiful music video.

Last but not least, Samba Swag is a lit rock track featuring the father of SambaRock genre, Darkkey, famous for Akkamage song. The song describes the meeting and development of the character Slicky Samba Swag between the genres of Samba Rock and Hip Hop.

SHESHA began as an artist with Hip Hop music and subsequently diverged into film and music videos.

According to SHESHA;

It is very important to finish what you have started, although I learnt a lot of things over many years in the industry, there was always this guilty feeling that I did not finish what I  had started. The right time & opportunity came amidst this Covid-19 pandemic & I quickly grabbed it. BINTANG EP is the first step that I am taking, to share my light with the world.

The BINTANG EP Album is set to release this December 2020, with the official poster releasing on 18th November 2020. Stay tuned for more updates folks!