If you’re musically inclined, certain cover songs would likely pop up in your head!

You hear a version of one of your favourite songs occasionally and it blows the original out of the window, acts as a satisfactory partner, or totally falls short of the glory of the original. Other times, you hear what you feel is the cover of your favourite album, but discover that all along, your favourite song was actually the cover to another classic.

To see how your music knowledge stacks up, we’ve gathered the 10 best cover songs which were sung by Malaysians. Be honest, how many of these songs did you think were originals? And for more great music trivia, check out the list below:


Jasveinna – jasveinnaa

Ennadi Maayavi Nee; This song has hung around teens for a while now, with Sid Sriram’s original version before the talented Jasveinna gave it a whirl. Her cover has garnered the attention of netizens for having nailed it!

Trust me guys, her cover to this song gives me goosebumps!

Amos Paul – amospaul_official

Who doesn’t know the man behind the magnificent voice?

Amos has covered many songs throughout his life and career, but this exquisite version of the already brilliant Harris Jayaraj song from the film Lesa Lesa was arguably his best.

Satthiya Kandi – satthiya_kandi

I never thought that Satthiya could sing very well. A self-taught artist, Satthiya who is also known for drawing portraits and murals is blessed with a wealth of singing skills under her belt. 

Just to round this out, here’s a video of Satthiya’s cover song Pogiren which was originally sung by our local artist, Mugen Rao.

Kumaresh Kamalakannan – kumaresh.kamalakannan

Kumaresh did just that with an inspired soulful cover of Anbe Anbe from the Uyirodu Uyirage film. The singer has slowed down the tempo, brought in the synths and the outcome was indeed good.

Tesh – tesh.sings

Tesh’s cover of Vaseegara are one of those tracks that perfectly captures the nostalgia of the year 2000 originating from the Minnale film. 

You guys have to listen to this spectacular cover!

Maheshshwar Ramesh – maheshwar_98

Another tear jerker, Maheshshwar’s cover of Deepak Dev’s tune, Neethana Neethana is one like none other.

Witness a voice from another world below:

Anbalagan Anba – anbalagananpparasan_official

The magnificent cover of Yaarumillaa from Dhruv Vikram is made all the more poignant with a bit of melody in Anbalagan’s voice. It is definitely worth a listen!

Dharishini Gunaratnam – dharishini_music

Dharishini, a university student who is soon going to be a teacher is also fondly known as the queen of a truly melodious voice. Composed by Maestro Illayaraja, En Vaanilae from the film Johnny turned it into an untouchable, irrepressible tune and one of the best covers of all time. 

Anthony David – brownsingingdentist

Anthony put his trademark wails, grunts, and jazz flair on his cover song aptly titled Thee Pidike from the film Arinthum Ariyamalum. While incredibly current and perhaps a divisive choice, this song is certainly what good music is all about earning it a spot on our list.

Sri Vikineswari – v_srivikineswari

Harris Jayaraj songs have been covered by everyone but one in particular stands out above the rest. Sri Vikineswari’s cover from the renowned singer’s album was a transitional masterpiece. You can count on hearing a pin drop whenever Sri begins to sing. 

Darren Emmanuel – darrenemmanuel_

Darren’s notable cover of Stephan’s Usuraiya Tholaichaen is as close as it can get to any masterpiece.

Nittiya Rooban Ramakrishnan – nrrnair

Nittiya’s heartfelt rendition from the Paava Kathaigal series has definitely established it as one of the best cover songs out there. Considered as one of those tear-jerking songs, Thangamey has been etched in our hearts due to his soulful voice. 

Prayveen Raj – rajschwarz_prs

Prayveen, a law student has made En Kadhale from the film Duet beautiful. Plenty of artists had previously covered this iconic number but none have come close to Prayveen’s version. 

Shalini Menon – shalinimenon__

A beautiful singer, Shalini has redefined the Laali Laali song in a beautiful way just like her appearance. It can be known as a way to forget your romantic woes—needles to say, it was a masterpiece. 

Maria Thomas – _maria_thomas_

Itho Itho En Pallavi, a tribute to SP Bala by Maria was woven together with her soulful voice to create yet another iconic soundtrack of a generation.

Admit it, you would have probably thought these were the originals up till now at least!

To our ears, the best cover songs go beyond an artist performing a diligent rendering of the work of someone else to make the music their own with a full re-imagination. 

Did we skip any of the versions of your favourite cover? Let us know in the comments down below.

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