The ‘Chellam’ music video has been shared and reposted numerous times on social media as fans of both Majoe and Vithya Visvendra celebrate the collaboration.

Majoe, or Majyuran Ragunathan, is a German rapper of Sri Lankan descent who rose to fame after he released an extended play titled Übernahme EP with German rapper, Jasko. Majoe has since released 4 albums in the last 5 years. In his latest single titled ‘Chellam’, Majoe features beauty aficionado and international makeup artist, Vithya Visvendra, in the music video. Vithya, who is also of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, has amassed a huge following worldwide for her makeup artistry and frequently travels the world over to beautify brides and conduct makeup masterclasses.


In a 3-part Instagram post series, Vithya explained to her viewers about her relationship with Majoe since they were children and how he has grown to be such a sought-after rapper in the German rap scene. The music video for Majoe has received over 716K views in just 3 days.

WATCH ‘Chellam’ here: