Miss Malaysia Universe costumes have gotten more elaborate over the last few years, but this year’s costume takes the literal cake. Miss Malaysia Universe 2019 Shweta Sekhon is set to represent the country in a national costume that includes Malaysian delicacies such as kuih lapis, onde onde, kuih talam and ang ku kuih.

The dress that represents Malay, Chinese and Peranakan culture will be worn by Shweta at the Miss Universe pageant in Atlanta, USA next month.

The 27 kg costume took three months to complete and is made from precious songket material with delicate embroidery, replete with a headgear adorned with gold aster flowers, and wings designed to look like Nyonya batik. The golden cape, threads and red beading were said to be inspired by traditional Peranakan bridal wear.

Designer Carven Ong is the brains behind the intricate costume, aptly titled A Peranakan Indulgence.

Photos of the costume has received a positive response from Malaysians across the globe, as it is representative of the one thing we all love, food.