Blind by sight but strong and determined by vision; Hemaruben is a strong minded individual whom has definitely blown us away with his immense passion to open his own pastry shop despite his deformity.


22-year-old, Hemaruben was blind since birth. When he was 6 months old, a surgery was done in hopes of acquiring his sight back, but he only managed to obtain one of his eye sight back.

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The young man was raised by his grandmother since he was born. Nothing much is known about his birth parents. He went against all odds despite his disability by becoming a young pastry chef at Double Tree Hilton, Penang.

His life as a chef continued at the hotel Until one fine day, He was awaken by Pitch Darkness, soon realising that he had lost his eye sight completely.

The lost of sight did not leave the young lad hopeless, instead it birth a baptism of fire in him to continue working. He worked for almost 3 months and proceeded to get an eye surgery done to regain his eye sight, and was under a 6 month medical leave.

As soon as his eyesight started to heal, he resumed back to work stronger even though his eye sight fared worse.

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It all become his worst nightmare, when he lost his job as a pastry chef due to the economical uncertainties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the saying goes, ‘when one door closes, another opens!’ and open it did.

Hemaruben enrolled himself for baking classes at St Nicholas Home Penang which embarked the dire flame and spirit in him to open up his very own bakery called, ‘Ruben’s Bakery’.

On June 2020, he officially started his baking venture at home with his grandmother as his sous chef aiding him to test if the cookies are perfectly baked or the batter to the cake are well mixed.

Now, Hemaruben bakes up to 30 bottles of cookies per day specialising in Green Peas Cookies and Opera Cake.

Inspired through the foot steps from our local leading chef, Chef Wan, Hemaruben was extremely goal driven to open his own bakery not letting his blindness come as a barrier in his pathway to success.

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He is not only motivated in becoming an entrepreneur but at the same time a role model and a guide to the rest of the blind community, by sharing his knowledge in bakery and cookery in order for them to make a life for themselves.

To those who are interested in buying Hemaruben’s pastries, look out for the deets below-


*Almond Chocolate (50 Pieces) – RM27
*Shortbread – Vegetarian (50 Pieces) – RM23
*Cornflakes Cookies (50 Pieces) – RM23
*Peanut Cookies (50 Pieces) – RM20
*Greenpea Cookies (50 Pieces) – RM22
*Butter Cake (1Kg) – RM30
*Chocolate Cake (1Kg) – RM30
*Fruit Cake (1Kg) – RM30
*Marble Butter Cake (1Kg) – RM30
*Lemon Cake (1Kg) – RM30
*Coffee Cake (1Kg) – RM30
*Suji Butter Cake (Vegetarian) (1Kg) – RM30

Contact Number: Hemaruben 010- 7871997

Address: No.128, Kampung Baru, Sg. Lalang, Sp, Kedah

Bank Details: MayBank 157148292190 Hemaruben

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‘The only thing being worst than blind, is having sight but no vision’

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Therefore, Hemaruben has definitely opened our eyes in a million ways to always strive and do better in life, fighting all odds and defaults to exert oneself to achieve one’s vision through sheer blood, sweat and tears.

Source: Vanakam Malaysia News