How about creating your very own storyline ending to a series you’re currently hooked on? What about you being the master behind the story? Sounds like a plan, ain’t it?

The first two episodes of Manmadha Bullets aired on Astro Vinmeen HD yesterday. The twist here is that, this is the first local Tamil rom-com series that allow fans to select an alternate ending option.


Yes, fans can vote on which ending they prefer on the Astro Ulagam website. 

This story follows Imran, Gunalan, John, Bhavani, Swathi, and Rebecca as they search for their true love with the help of Madhan and his assistant, Ambu. Madhan is a modern high-tech cupid who would assist those individuals while also solving his own heart’s riddles.

They devise various schemes and tricks, as well as use their powers, to accomplish their goals. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Madhan’s interference in their lives results in a near-death experience.

Will Madhan be able to assist them in finding their true love?

Picture credit: Astro Ulagam

Our favourite actors like Thevaguru, Shabby, Ravin Rao, Parvin, Hamsni, Shantini, Kavitha, Akshara, and Huumesh are among the stars of the 22-part series directed by local filmmaker Martin R.Chantheran.

Manmadha Bullets airs new episodes Monday to Friday at 9pm on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 202). But, if you missed yesterday’s episode, don’t worry; you can always catch up on Astro GO and On Demand on your device at any time.